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Italian Nesso® Lamp

Italian Nesso® Lamp

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Elevate your living spaces with the enchanting Italian Nesso® Table Lamp – a vibrant addition that effortlessly injects personality and a burst of orange into your decor. Crafted with Italian finesse, its rounded forms and bold hues add a modern, distinctive touch to your home, leaving a lasting impression on your friends and guests.

But this lamp is more than just a visual delight; it offers an optimal lighting experience that enhances your quality of life. Scientifically proven, the best illumination for your living space mirrors warm, natural sunlight, and the Italian Nesso® Table Lamp does just that. It bathes your environment in a warm, welcoming yellow glow, infusing sophistication and comfort into your space.

Versatility is key, and this lamp delivers. Compatible with various bulb types and designed to cater to your preferences, it provides the flexibility you need to customize your ambiance. Step into a new realm of quality living by inviting the Italian Nesso® Table Lamp into your home today!


  • Material: ABS + acrylic
  • Power: 6-10W
  • Voltage: 110V-220V
  • Light Socket Type: E14
  • Number of Bulbs Required: 1 to 4 (bulbs not included)

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